How to create a Google Review Link

How to create a Google Review Link

Collecting feedback from customers is invaluable for businesses of all sizes. Positive reviews can boost the confidence of potential customers and strengthen your business's online reputation. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by encouraging customers to leave a Google review. But how can you make it easy for customers to do so? The answer is simple: with a direct Google review link. In this easy guide, we'll show you how to create such a link so customers can effortlessly share their experiences.

What is a Google review link?

A Google review link is a direct URL that leads customers to the page where they can leave a review for a business on Google. These links make it easier for customers to provide feedback by taking them directly to the appropriate page without the need to search for the business on Google.

When a business shares a Google review link with customers, they can use this link in various ways, such as in emails, on their website, on social media, or even during personal interactions. The purpose of these links is to simplify the process for customers and encourage them to share their experiences by leaving a review.

By using Google review links, businesses can improve their online reputation by collecting more positive reviews while streamlining the process for customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of receiving feedback.

Create a Review Link in 5 Steps

  1. Go to Google and click on the 9-dot icon

  2. Then click on "My Business". If you still need to create a business profile, read our blog on how to create a Google Business Profile, where we explain the process step by step.

3. Next, select from the overview which business you want to create a Google review link for.

Hoe maak je een Google review link

4. Then, click on the "Get more reviews" button.

review link


5. When you click this button, a pop-up will appear with the personalized Google review link for your business. You can copy and share this link with your customers, for example, via a WhatsApp response template or in an automated email campaign. Of course, you can also manually send the review link to someone after you have provided them with excellent service.

google reviews

Clicking on this Google review link will direct your customers straight to the Google review form, enabling them to leave their feedback directly as shown below:

google reviews

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