Troubleshooting NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Troubleshooting NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices

NFC technology on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is crucial for various mobile payment apps, ensuring seamless transactions. Additionally, NFC facilitates quick wireless connections and data transfer between devices. However, if issues arise with the NFC function, several troubleshooting steps are available. These steps can help identify and resolve any problems with the NFC functionality on your device, allowing you to make the most of this convenient technology once again.

Try Turning NFC Off and On

Attempting to toggle the NFC settings off and on can help resolve any issues with this feature.

Step 1: Open the Quick Panel by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Then select 'More options' (displayed as three vertical dots) and tap on 'Button order'.


NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices


Step 2: Press and hold the NFC icon and drag it to the Quick Panel. Then, tap on 'Done'.


NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices



Step 3: Tap on the NFC icon to turn the feature off, and tap it again to turn it back on.


 NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a wireless communication technology used to exchange data between devices that are within a few centimeters of each other. It is often used for contactless payments, access control, and identification. However, it can also be utilized to facilitate customer interactions, such as leaving reviews with Google review cards.

The Google Review Card offered by is a smart tool that businesses use to gather customer feedback and enhance their online reputation. When a company uses NFC technology in their review cards, customers can easily leave their feedback by simply holding their NFC-enabled smartphone close to the card. This automatically activates a connection to the company's feedback platform, allowing customers to start sharing their experiences immediately.

Check the Default Payment App

The default payment app on your device is used for transactions in stores and other locations. If NFC payments are not working, check which app is set as the default.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Connections > NFC and contactless payments.


 NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices


Step 2: Tap on Contactless payments and select your preferred payment app. The image is for illustration purposes only.


NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices 

Remove Cases from Other Brands

Some cases from other brands, such as magnetic cases for credit cards and ID cards, can interfere with the NFC antenna. It's recommended to remove these cases when using NFC functions.

Hold Your Device Securely

When using NFC functions, it's crucial to hold your device properly to ensure the NFC antenna is correctly oriented.

To check the orientation of the NFC antenna and the optimal device placement, navigate to Settings > Connections > NFC and contactless payments. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen, which may include accompanying images for guidance.


 NFC Issues on Samsung Galaxy Devices


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